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cane corso and trainer

Cane Corsos

The Overview

Upon first glance, Cane Corsos can be recognised for their muscular build, powerful jaws, and striking appearance. The breed of dog were originally bred for guarding property and livestock back in the day, this is the case considering have a strong territorial instinct, imbedded in their nature.

Diving deeper into their nature, Cane Corsos are an intelligent and trainable, but they do require a committed owner who is willing to put in the effort and time in order to properly socialise and train them. At times, they’re known to be stubborn and dominant. Thereby, they require firm and consistent leadership to keep them in check. 

Cane Corsos Can be Very Intimidating!

Many people consider Cane Corsos appearance to be intimidating however, cane corsos can be a loyal and affectionate breed when they’re properly trained and socialised. They’re widely known to bond closely with their families once they feel comfortable, leading them to become very protective of their loved ones, showing immense loyalty and love. 

It’s important to note that Cane Corsos will require an abundance of exercise and mental (emotional) stimulation to stay happy and healthy for the most part.

They are not suitable for apartment living and will always do best in a home with a large, securely fenced garden. NOTE: They have a strong predatory drive and will need to be kept on a pet lead or in a secure area when they’re outdoors.

Cane Corsos are Prone to a Lot of Health Problems!

Unfortunately, as with any pets, Cane Corsos are prone to specific health problems, common examples of these are hip dysplasia and eye issues. In addition to these, they may be prone to certain types of cancer. As a result, it will be important for potential owners to be research potential health issues and consistently work with an array of reputable breeders and medical specialists to try to minimise the risks of these problems occurring. 

  • Above all, Cane Corso dogs will always be a noble and amicable breed that will require an owner who is considered to be responsible and committed. Invest time into your Cane Corso, and reap the endless rewards.

cane corso and trainer
cane corso and trainer
Years of Experience

Cane Corsos Size and Build

Cane Corsos are humongous specimens, they boast a powerful build and very imposing presence. Not only are they known for their athletic and agile bodies, but they’re also very well-suited for a variety of activities including obedience training, agility courses and personal protection work.

In terms of their stature; male Cane Corso dogs can often reach around twenty four to twenty seven inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between eighty eight to one hundred and ten pounds. Females often stand slightly shorter, getting to around twenty two to twenty five inches tall and weighing between seventy seven to ninety nine pounds.

Cane Corsos have a short, heavy coat that’s very commonly black, fawn, or brindle in colour. Cane Corsos are such a unique dog in terms of their looks as they will have a very well-defined head, strong jaw line and pronounced cheekbones. In addition to this, they often boast big, triangular ears that are carried erect. Their tail is traditionally docked, which is what many believe gives them such a distinctive appearance from comparable breeds.

Cane Corsos have a Powerful Stature!

Despite their large stature and muscular presence, Cane Corsos are known for being quick on their feet. They are powerful runners due to the muscle in their legs, leading them to excel in a number of activities related to athleticism. 

It’s also key to bear in mind that Cane Corsos are a rugged breed thriving in environments where they can embrace their size and build with ample opportunities to run and play. Thus, they do best with a consistent training regimen that challenges their minds as well as their bodies.

To conclude about their size and build, Cane Corsos are dogs with a distinctive athletic disposition. They will make excellent companions for those who are willing to provide them with an environment where they can make the best use out of their size and build with lots of exercise and encouragement. 

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  • Cane Corsos are a breed that is famed for their short, dense coats which come in a variety of colours. The most common coat colours for this breed are black (or very dark brown), fawn, and brindle. Less commonly seen shades include red, blue, and gray.
  • The most common Cane Corso color is glossy black. However, it’s important to note that even when Corsos of the same hue are present, each one remains unique. For example, variations in shade may be seen near the ears or muzzle of some dogs.
  • Fawn Cane Corsos come in light to dark shades with unique black markings, lines and splodges on the face, tail and paws. This adds to their charm according to Cane Corso planet.
  • Brindle Cane Corsos have coats that vary in terms of black stripes on a base colour of red or fawn – the stripes can be either thin and spaced apart, or thick and closely packed.
  • Red Cane Corsos have a luxurious coat that is a deep, rich red and often has black or brindle markings. Not to be outdone, Blue Cane Corsos have an impressive slate-gray coat with black or brindle markings as well.
  • For the owners: It is essential to be aware that Cane Corsos may experience colour fading as they age. This could lead to their coat colour changing slightly over time, however, this is a normal process and doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is unwell.

Cane Corsos are a low-maintenance breed of dog with short and dense coats, making them easy to groom, perfect for owners who want an uncomplicated coat-care routine.

Shredding and Lab Grooming

Welcome to grooming boot camp, where you might be asking the question how do I deal with Cane Corso Shredding and lab grooming? Well, there’s a simple answer, to groom a Cane Corso, you will need a slicker brush, metal comb and finally a pair of thinning shears. 

1. You begin by utilising the slicker brush to remove any tangles or curles in your Cane Corsos coat.  

2. You then use the metal comb to go brush over the entire coat and remove any of the left over tangles. 

3. Finally, you can get your thinning shears out in order to trim any areas of your Cane Corsos coat that’re particularly thick or out of control.

Cane Corsos are Prone to Skin Irritations

Please do keep in mind that, no matter what your Cane Corso is prone to skin irritations and allergies, like with a lot of other dogs. As a result,  you should use grooming tools that are gentle on their skin. Caring for your Cane Corso is about going above and beyond for them. 

In addition, you should always be very careful not to over brush your Cane Corso (yes this is a real problem that occurs in a lot of careless owners), as this can cause really bad irritation and discomfort, something we’re really trying to avoid. 

How often to Cane Corsos need to be groomed? you maybe asking, well the answer is that they need to be groomed every few months. However, of course, this will depend on your specific situation.  You should be assessing it constantly, observing the length and thickness of their coat. 

And, if your Cane Corsos coat becomes matted or tangled, it maybe time to give them a groom, or consider how you can make time out of your busy schedule to give them their well deserved groom them more regularly.

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Are Cane Corsos Hypoallergenic?

It is a common misunderstanding that cane corsos are in fact hypoallergenic. To clarify, hypoallergenic means they don’t produce the specific allergens that trigger reactions in humans. All dogs produce allergens, no matter what and as such there is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic breed.

Let’s get scientific: Allergies to dogs and a lot of pets in general can be caused by their proteins found in skin cells, urine and saliva. These proteins can be breathed in, ingested or touched, which in turn actually causes the allergic reaction to flare up.

To contextualise, there are some dog breeds that cause fewer allergens than others. However, there is no absolute guarantee that a particular type of dog will not cause an allergic reaction in a person. And thats the common misunderstanding. Us here at Cane Corso planet suggest a key approach in order to determine if you’re allergic to a specific breed of dog could be to spend time with them, and asses if you have any kind of a bad reaction. 

Something for you to keep in mind is if yourself or someone in your household suffers commonly from allergies, it the sensible move is to assess this before choosing your pet. Although technically there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic breed, some pets may produce way less allergens, therefore being more suited for allergy sufferers. It is a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider, vet or an allergist before adding a pet to your household.

To conclude on the allergy related subject, it’s key to keep in mind that every single dog will produce allergens. Therefore you should be doing your extensive research in order to minimise effects, and choose the right pet for your situation.

Typical Cane Corsos Temperament

Cane Corsos are widely known amongst the public for their strong-willed, protective, bold and brave nature. They are intelligent dogs and can be trainable to reach ultimate obedience. However, they have tendencies to become quite stubborn in their temperament, and thereby require a confident and capable handler. 

Going into more detail about their temperament, the dog breed is commonly known for its territorial instincts, barking loudly to alert its owners of any perceived threats to safety. It is of upmost importance to get Cane Corsos as socialised as possible starting all the way back from as early as a puppy to prevent them from becoming overbearingly protective or aggressive towards either strangers or owners.

The Cane Corsos breed is very cleaver and frequently eager to please their owners. However, it’s not all fun and games being a Cane Corso owner, and people need to be aware of this. No matter how much we love them, they always have tendencies to be extremely stubborn, therefore a really skilled handler is needed, and this cannot be disputed, don’t think that a Cane Corso dog is the right breed for you if you’re not up to the task. 

In order to navigate through this, they will require positive reinforcement training methods and excel in obedience training. It’s key to establish clear rules and boundaries to prevent Cane Corsos from becoming stubborn or dominant.

Lets talk more about Cane Corso character traits. No one can tell you otherwise that Cane Corso dogs are energetic and playful therefore, they will require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If you’re looking for inspiration, they love to play fetch, go for long walks and runs and even participate in activities such as agility courses.

Typical Cane Corso Temperament

Are Cane Corsos Family Friendly?

Cane Corsos of course have the potential to be the ideal family dog. However, this can only be the case if they are given adequate training and socialisation. Cane Corsos are generally understood to be totally loyal to their families, going above and beyond in an attempt to help them. 

In addition, they’re very clever and can be trained with the right nurture. This thereby leads to them an a great choice for many families who’re willing to the hours into their Cane Corso furry friends. 

Although, Cane Corsos can have the potential to be a great dog, fun for the family, they can be often strong-willed and protective in their nature nature. Of course, this is considered to be a good thing, however it can mean that they’re stubborn at times, and would therefore require a consistent and confident handler. As a result, they are not recommended for families that have young children wondering around the house or garden, or even for inexperienced dog owners.

Training your Cane Corso is a Must!

In order to make sure that Cane Corso dogs are the best fit for your family, you must begin consdering how you’re going to begin the training and socialising process. This should be done with them at a young age. Therefore, it will help them learn appropriate behaviours and thus develop a unbreakable bond with the family. We think you get out what you put into any situation in life. And believe us, it’s worth the investment. Put in the work now, and reap the rewards in the future. It is also important to establish clear rules and boundaries to your Cane Corso when training them, this is key to preventing them from becoming stubborn or dominant.

To sum up, Cane Corso dogs can be the ideal dog for your family, but only if you’re willing to put in the hours with them by running them through the right training and socialisation routine. Cane Corso dogs are, for the most part on of the most loyal dogs, although they may not be suitable for everyone.

Tips For Training

Okay, you’re here because you’re searching for top tips for training a Cane Corso – before we dive into our advice, just note that training can  be a rewarding experience with the right approach.

Without further ado, here are five tips to help you successfully train your Cane Corso:


It is important to start training your Cane Corso as soon as possible in order to set up clear rules and boundaries. Doing so helps them learn the right behaviors, while also strengthening the bond between you and your pet. The earlier you begin, the better!


Employ positive reinforcement when training your Cane Corso. Treats, praise, and toys are excellent rewards for desired behaviour. Refrain from using punishment or physical force as this can be counterproductive to the success of your dog’s learning process.


Always be consistent: As we expressed in the temperament section Cane Corsos can be stubborn, therefore requiring an able owner. As a result, it’s important to keep consistent in your training routine. This can be done by using the same commands and rewards each time you interact with your furry friend.


Give your Cane Corso mental stimulation by incorporating problem solving games into their training. This will keep them engaged and challenged, promoting a healthy mental state.


It is critical to socialize your Cane Corso from an early age. This will help prevent aggressive behavior towards strangers. Take your dog out in different places and to meet different people, so they learn how to act properly in these situations.

How Much Exercise Do Cane Corsos Need?

Okay, so everyone knows that Cane Corso dogs are commonly known  for their athleticism and hyperactivity. Most dogs need exercise on a regular basis in order to maintain a good state of health. This section will outline in more detail how much exercise Cane Corso dogs need. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should be giving your Cane Corsos dog at least one hour of exercise per day. It’s important to understand that this timeframe can be a combination of walks, runs, and playtime. Cane Corso dogs love spending their time playing fetch and doing fun activities including obstacle courses. These are great ways for you to interact with your dog, making it enjoyable for you in the process. 

Another thing to take note of is that due to the lack of exercise they may be getting, in many cases they may not be suitable for apartment living or a sedentary lifestyle. This is the case considering they need plenty of space to run and play. Instead, Cane Corsos are a breed that thrive in an environment where they have the opportunity to walk or run in order to burn off their excess energy.

Cane Corso

Health Problems Commonly

  • Hip dysplasia: This is a condition that frequently occurs in bigger dogs breeds, including Cane Corsos of course. This is condition where the hip joint is improperly formed. This can cause pain, lameness, and difficulty moving.
  • Elbow dysplasia: Elbow dysplasia is a condition where the elbow joint is improperly formed, this is similar in concept to hip dysplasia in a lot of ways. Like hip dysplasia, this can cause similar symptoms.
  • Bloat: Like humans, Cane Corsos can get very bloated. Except in very different ways. Bloat is a serious condition in that causes stomach enlargement, and unlike common bloating in humans, in dogs it twists on itself. Please note that this can be life-threatening and requires immediate veterinary or medial professional attention. If you suspect any poor health condition in your dog, please seek a professionals advice as soon as possible.
  • Heart problems: Cane Corsos are prone to specific problems with their hearts, these can include but is not limited to heart murmurs and valve abnormalities, for instance. Regular vet check-ups and screenings can help identify and manage these conditions. You should be keeping track of this to reduce and mitigate risk.
  • Eye problems: Cane Corsos are at risk to issues with their eyes. These can include cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal dysplasia.

As stated you should take steps to prevent or manage health risks through regular vet check-ups and screenings.

FAQ on cane corso and trainer

Cane Corsos Diet:

Discussing either dogs or humans, a nutritious and well-balanced diet is the key to unlocking and maximizing your Cane Corso’s wellbeing. If you’re wondering what to feed your Cane Corso, we’ve got some suggestions for you:

  • Choose the best food quality possible: To keep your Cane Corso healthy, make sure to only feed them high-quality dog food. Ask at your local grocery store, pet shop, or other supplier for a trusted brand with whole ingredients and no artificial fillers or by-products.
  • Take into account your Cane Corso’s age and activity level when establishing a diet: Your pooch may require more or less calories than, say, a smaller dog that is not very active. To formulate the right plan for your pup, consider how much food it will need based on its age and activity level.
  • It is essential that you feed your Cane Corso the right amount of food: Too much can cause obesity, bloating and other serious health problems. Before feeding, carefully read the instructions on the dog food label and adjust accordingly according to your pet’s size, age and activity level.
  • Avoid feeding table scraps: Let’s not make it a regular habit to feed your Cane Corso table scraps, as this can have harmful consequences. Even if they appear to want it in the moment, some human foods like chocolate, onions, and grapes are actually toxic for dogs.
  • Provide your Cane Corso with fresh water: Ensuring your Cane Corso is always hydrated is essential, so make sure to keep their water bowl filled up to the brim! Additionally, ensure that you are regularly cleaning the bowl so that they have access to clean and fresh water all the time.

Cane Corsos Life Expectancy

You may be here because you’re asking « how long do Cane Corsos live? ». And there is a simple answer to that. Cane Corsos have an average lifespan of between 9 to 11 years. However, please do note that this is just an average and like all dogs, Cane Corsos can be subject to complicated health problems that can affect how long they live.

There are, however a number of different variables that dictate how long a Cane Corso will live. These include (but are not limited to) their genetics, what they eat, how much exercise they get, and of course how they’re physically kept. If you want to try and prolong your dogs lifespan as much as possible, you should ensure that you give your furry friend good nutrition, exercise on a regular basis, and very importantly regular vet check-ups (as these can detect any health issues, allowing you to address them with your vet to potentially increase their lifespan.

You Can Rescue Your Cane Corso Friend!

Rescuing a Cane Corso can be a very rewarding experience for those who are willing to invest the necessary time into training, socialising and raising their furry friend. If this resonates with you, there are actually a number of options for rescuing Cane Corsos, these include (but are not limited too):

  • Contacting a Cane Corso rescue organisation: One thing you can do is get on that phone and start to make calls. There are a number of organisations dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs of all kinds including your desired Cane Corso. In matter of fact, these organisations will typically work with a number of shelters and animal control agencies in order to find Cane Corsos in need of a new home, and in turn provide them with the medical care they need, and socialisation thereafter. They then help to placing the Cane Corso in a new home, which could be yours!
  • Adopting from a shelter: This is a great option that Cane Corso Planet certainly approves of on an ethical basis. There are many shelters for dogs, and many do have have Cane Corsos available for adoption. If you’re a keen potential owner with a safe and loving home and you have the time and effort to invest in a Cane Corso, then this could be a great option for you.
  • Getting a Cane Corso from a reliable breeder: Some breeders may have dogs available. This could be because they are retired breeding dogs or because they were unable to place them in a new home, which does sometimes happen. If you do want to go down this route, make sure you choose a reputable breeder who follows ethical breeding practices.

Finding a Cane Corso Puppy

So the above section got you interested! That’s great to hear. So lets help you to get started.
Here are some tips for finding a Cane Corso puppy:


Find a reliable breeder: It is essential to do research and find a reliable breeder or adoption organization before acquiring a puppy. Ensure they have ethical practices, a track record of care, and healthy puppies with good temperaments. Ask questions and get information about the health, temperament, and history of their puppies from someone who seems caring.


Really do consider the option of adopting from a rescue organisation: It is preferable to rescue a Cane Corso instead of buying one from a breeder, as there are many organisations and charities dedicated to rescuing and rehoming them. Additionally, this helps prevent money going into the pockets of breeders.


You should spend time checking local shelters: Many shelters have Cane Corsos available for adoption, including puppies. If you are interested in adopting one, check out local shelters and begin the conversation.


We want to be transparent here, you should be prepared for the cost and commitment as it wont be easy: Cane Corsos are a high maintenance breed that requires lots of time and commitment. They need regular exercise and mental stimulation, as well as training and socialisation to prevent them from becoming stubborn or aggressive. Be sure you’re ready for the challenge before taking on this breed.